Data Storing Solutions

Data storage is important to a number of institutions. Businesses, governments and even non business organisations all need data for several reasons. First, data is an important tool for decision making purposes. Data is also an important source of reference and evidence in dispute resolutions and court cases. The legal and accounting regulations require that businesses maintain good records in any financial year. So, what data storage solutions are available to such organisations?

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Flash memory drives

These are small portable storage devices available in different types and memory capacities. One major merit of using these drives is that they can be used to carry data from one place to another easily. The data can then be transferred to another device and the memory used to store more data. This implies that these devices can be used over long periods of time for storage and transfer of data. Some of these devices have security measures to ensure data security. Encryption is one of the major security measures used.

External drives

These hard drives are detachable from a computer and are very essential when additional storage space is required. The devices can also be stored away from the office as a back up source of data. The memory capacity of these drives is high and they can therefore store a lot of data. Access of this data can be limited by installing security passwords or codes for the drive. However, you need to be very careful and back up this data in some other place if you are storing it in your business premises.

Online storage facilities

Some entrepreneurial minds have come up with online storage services for different organisations. The data can be accessed through a web browser form any place. It is therefore good for those who travel a lot and need to access the data from far flung areas. The data stored in this manner can also be shared easily by providing the access details to your clients. This may eliminate the need for email correspondence and thus may save the organisation time.

Data stored this way needs to be protected from phishers of any kind. It is up to the organisation to ensure that they have taken the necessary measures to protect the data. Use secure servers when accessing the data and always report suspicious activity to the service provider. This kind of data storage may prove slow during data access.

Back up storage

This ensures that in cases the data is tampered with or the data storage devices are destroyed, you can still access the original data. Back up data storage can take the form of modern methods or the traditional ways. It may involve using discs and storing them in a secure place away from the business. Alternatively, you may use the modern cloud storage. The data is stored in the internet somewhere and can be downloaded any minute.

Data storage may also take the form of network attached storage. This is suitable for smaller organisations and those that are still medium sized. Despite the scale of the organisation, having efficient storage solutions is wise. It will come in handy in decision making.